There are three methods for glass curtain wall cleaning: 

  1. Ordinary cleaning and rinsing: use a soft and clean dust-free rag, dip in neutral soapy water, detergent, and acidic cleaning solvent to wash the glass, then rinse and rinse with clean water, and then rinse the glass. Wipe off any remaining water with a squeegee. 

  2. Solvent cleaning: You can use toluene, xylene, inorganic alcohol, ether and other organic solvents to remove grease, and then rinse and rinse. 

  3. Solid cleaning: Some glass surfaces are stained with concrete, first remove these stains with auxiliary tools such as a scraper, then deep clean with detergent, and finally wash and rinse with water.


How To Clean The Outdoor Glass Curtain Wall?

Glass curtain walls are often used on the exterior walls of high-end buildings to embellish and decorate the entire building. Of course, the effect is self-evident, very beautiful, just like putting a thin curtain on the building, but its structure and process are very complicated, and cleaning is relatively difficult, it should be completed by some high-quality, high-level professional aerial work teams . 

Unitized glass curtain wall cleaning method: Use a damp cloth with a strong detergent to remove stains on the glass. For some difficult-to-clean dirt, you can use some professional tools to gently scrape it off, but it is worth noting that damage must be avoided. Coating to glass. The general cleaning sequence is to clean vertically downwards from the top of the glass curtain wall. In places with thicker stains, the intensity can be increased. When cleaning the curtain wall, pay attention to the method. Generally, after wiping with a wet rag, use glass scraping to hang off the water on the surface, or use a towel to wipe off the water droplets on the glass surface. Finally, clean the stains on the floor.


Glass Curtain Wall Cleaning Standards

After cleaning, the glass curtain wall requires no obvious stains, water stains, etc. on the surface. It can be wiped with white paper to measure whether it meets the standard. In order to ensure the beauty of the wall, it is generally necessary to clean it regularly, and a second cleaning can be carried out every 3 months or 6 months. When cleaning, in addition to ensuring the integrity of the glass coating, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of the workers when working at high altitudes. Be sure not to fasten seat belts and safety helmets in accordance with relevant standards. Peripheral glass curtain wall cleaning method: adopt the method of hanging basket. 

This method mainly builds a hanging basket on the roof to transport the workers to the designated location for cleaning. This cleaning method has low efficiency and high cost, so it is used less. Use the method of high hanging plate. The operator can use the hanging board to place it in the place that needs to be cleaned. This method is more flexible and convenient, and it can also reduce the impact on the owner's daily life. It is a more common method in life. Adopt a high-altitude spider car. It is mainly to use spider cars or lift trucks to place workers in places that need to be cleaned. However, this method has great limitations and is generally suitable for difficult projects below 36 meters.


Exterior Curtain Wall System Cleaning Method

At present, external wall cleaning mainly adopts hanging plate cleaning method. The tools used for cleaning the outer wall of the hanging plate include: hanging rope, auxiliary rope, hanging plate, steel wire rope, U-shaped crab buckle, self-locking device, safety belt, etc.

The specific operation method is divided into the following 4 steps: First, choose a fixed place to tie the rope on the roof platform. Use rubber or carpet pads to back all the corners, edges, and eaves of the rope to prevent the rope from breaking due to friction. Knot the hanging rope in the U-shaped buckle on the sitting hanging board, and fasten the hanging bucket on the edge of the board, and put a small half bucket of cleaning agent in it. The operator can put on the glass scraper, water wiper and rag to start working on the board. Because of a special fastening method, the hanging plate does not slide down during work. The person controls the rope and can operate it freely. 

Simply put, when the rope hanger is lifted up, it will slide down a little, and it is completely controlled by the construction personnel. Special security personnel are set up on the roof for safety protection. There are security guards on the ground floor.