Glass curtain wall is a building curtain wall with glass as panel material, which is also a common building installation method. At the same time, different types of glass curtain walls have different installation methods.

Fully Hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall Installation And Fixing Method

The installation method of the fully hidden frame curtain wall glass is to fix the curtain wall awning window glass on the aluminum alloy frame, the upper and lower frames correspond to the upper and lower beams of the aluminum alloy frame, and the two sides of the glass correspond to the left and right poles of the aluminum alloy frame.

Semi-Dark Frame Curtain Wall Glass Installation And Fixing Method

Since the vertical and horizontal hidden glass curtain walls and vertical and horizontal hidden glass curtain walls are called semi-hidden framed glass curtain walls, there are two glass curtain wall installation methods for this semi-hidden framed glass curtain wall. Vertical opening and horizontal concealment refer to installing the glass and embedding it into the groove to fix it, and sticking it with glass glue in the left and right sides; Then cover the pressure plate outside the glass, and the aluminum alloy vertical rod should be hidden behind the glass.


Open Frame Curtain Wall Glass Installation And Fixing Method

For the glass-type structure of the open-frame curtain wall, whether it is the skeleton and glass frame made of special aluminum alloy profiles, or the use of profiled steel as the skeleton, the aluminum alloy frame in the entire curtain wall will be exposed.

Hanging Frame Curtain Wall Glass Installation And Fixing Method

This is an installation method of welding the column and the stainless steel pendant together. The four claws of the pendant are connected to the glass holes of the curtain wall, and one hole corresponds to one claw. It can also be said that first drill a hole in each corner of the glass, and then fix the glass on the four claws of the stainless steel pendant.

Frameless Curtain Wall Glass Installation And Fixing Method

The glass on the frameless curtain wall made by curtain wall factory can also be called structural glass. This type of curtain wall is mainly used on the first floor of the building, similar to the floor-to-ceiling windows of the building. Its glass is installed in the form of hoisting, a method of hanging the glass from above with equally spaced hooks or special profiles. The operation steps of glass facade installation are as follows: first fix the special-shaped hook on the main frame of the channel steel, and then hang the channel steel on the bottom of the slab or under the beam. To increase the rigidity of the glass, support frames or rungs can be added above and below the glass.

The above are some common glass facade installation method and curtain wall glass fixing method for glass curtain walls. As for which one to choose, it also needs to be selected according to the type of curtain wall and the installation location.