The kind of window has a lot of, common have push pull window, casement window, bay window and so on, the advantage and disadvantage of its of different kinds of window is different, you are in the home when installing, can synthesize the advantage and disadvantage of all sorts of windows to undertake a choice. Casement window is a kind of open window, it is more convenient to use and clean, so what are the characteristics of a casement window? When choosing a window in the future, you can choose according to the actual situation, the opening method of different windows is different.

Ⅰ. A brief introduction to casement windows

Casement window is the most common kind of window, inside open, outside open two kinds. Casement window, the sash is hinged to the frame and can be opened by rotation. The advantage of this kind of window wall for sale is simple construction, whole window can be opened 100%, open area is very big, ventilated or good, air tightness when closing is good, still have the characteristic such as sound insulation, heat preservation, excellent heat resistance performance.

In the building energy saving requirements are higher and higher today, casement window will become the mainstream of the market. Only later appeared a kind of aluminum alloy, plastic steel window. It is a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. It can be opened in two ways, either flat or from above. When the casement window closes, push out the upper part of the window, can open a gap of ten centimeters or so, that is to say, the window can open a bit from above, the part that opens is suspended in the air, connect and fix with the window frame through the hinge and so on, therefore call on suspension type. Its advantage is: can be ventilated already, can assure safety again, because have hinge, the window can open 10 centimeters of seam only, reach not to come in from the outside hand, suit no person in the home to use especially. Recently, this kind of function already limited to the window that opens flat not only, push and pull window also can go up overhang type to open.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of casement windows

1. Safety: casement windows have linkage hardware and indoor control, the window is opened or closed, the sash is fixed on the window frame, high security, good anti-theft effect.

2. Ventilation: The open range of casement window is large, which can make the maximum space of the room get the circulation of air, and ensure the air convection at the same time, but also ensure the possibility of blocking rainwater from entering.

3. Easy to clean: casement window operation is very simple to use, the sash can be turned indoors, easy to clean.

4. Sealing: casement windows are multi-point locking, which can strengthen the sealing and insulation effect of casement windows.