Speaking of doors and windows, we believe that everyone is more familiar with. In many places, we can see the use of doors and windows. But what about casement windows? Do you know what kind of doors and windows are like? Actually, open type door window is one of the doors and windows, open window has the characteristic with good sealing, in the room of a lot of people, toilet and bathroom, we can see. May look in everyone, to the installation of doors and windows, should be completed by professional installation master. But in fact, consumers can also learn about the installation method after their own to complete.

Ⅰ. About casement windows

The opening and closing of the window sash is moved along a certain horizontal direction, so it is called "casement window". Modern casement windows are divided into push-pull type and hanging type. Its advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, anti-permeability performance. Open inside window cleaning convenient; The open type does not take up space when it is opened. The disadvantage is that the window is small and the vision is not wide.

Ⅱ. Installation steps of a casement window

Determine the installation position of casement windows: Before installing doors and Windows, determine the installation position of door and window frames according to the horizontal line and coordinate reference line 500 mm from the bottom surface, and pop up the installation position line.

Temporary fixation: straighten the position, put the door and window frame on the window wall installation position line, straighten it, temporarily fix it with mold, correct and straighten the door and window frame with wire drop and level, fix the door and window frame on the wooden brick embedded in the wall with 100mm nails, nail cap should be smashed flat and nailed into the frame. Change old door window need not install new door frame, but answer to be in already wrapped door cover to go up door frame position, nail good door frame.

The door and window frame fixed: hinge slot position should be accurate, the door and window sash on the frame, according to the door to draw the height, width and narrow size after the plane repair, after reaching the prescribed standard, the hinge slot picked out, the hinge first fixed on the door and window fan, and then installed on the door and window frame. Hinge slot position should be accurate, to prevent the door fan fixed after distortion.

Ⅲ. Installation precautions of the casement window 

The window frame should be horizontal and vertical, with the same height. The spacing between fixed connections (joints) of casement windows should be less than 600 mm. To be 150 mm from the four corners of the window frame in two directions to set the connection. Each coupling shall not be less than two screws. Before perfusion sealant to clean the bottom of the frame floating ash. After installing doors and Windows, pay attention to protecting door frames and glass. There should be a certain gap between the door and window frame and the wall structure to prevent deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.