Building facade is like the clothing worn by people, the expression of the rich form of facade will undoubtedly make the architectural program a lot of color. In recent years, the application of curtain wall from the initial simple envelope, to glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall and stone curtain wall, constantly pushing the new, to bring the world a different city, architectural style. Curtain wall as the most beautiful scenery of urban architecture, as an architectural style is also quite popular with architects.

1. The design of the curtain wall

In the curtain wall project, the curtain wall design is a very important part, but also the first part. The design and application of curtain wall can not only enhance the aesthetic effect of high-rise buildings, but also fully improve the actual role and utility of the building. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the reasonable design of the curtain wall and take the correct design method, so as to improve the quality of curtain wall design.

With the personalized development requirements of the building, the requirements of the building for the curtain wall are more and more and more high. Curtain wall design as an important part of the architectural design, both the sky is the limit of creativity in appearance, but also need to match it with the building through a mature unitized facade system, in the design layer to show the results of these thinking, can not be separated from the assistance of various types of design software. Therefore, we need to learn to choose the right architectural tools to assist in the realization of the design plan.

2. Problems about curtain wall

Fireproofing, insulation material seams are not tight, filling is not dense. Causes: workers cut corners, poor quality consciousness; prevention and control measures: clear fireproof insulation materials should be sealed tightly when handing over.

Fire prevention, insulation materials are not firmly fixed, insulation rock wool seams are not affixed aluminum foil tape. Causes: workers cut corners, nail less, and not firmly bonded with the substrate; prevention and control measures: the substrate should be kept clean and dry, and then bonded, quality personnel strictly control the quality acceptance.

Insulation rock wool mixed with fireproof rock wool. Causes: unclear handing down, poor quality awareness of workers; prevention and control measures: handing down clear insulation rock wool and fireproof rock wool difference, unitised curtain wall installation quality personnel timely inspection.

Curtain wall interlayer backing plate (Ette board) at the joints are not scraped putty, not ribbed. Causes: Workers cut corners; prevention and control measures: Quality personnel timely check and strictly control quality acceptance.

The welding length of the lightning protection steel does not meet the requirements. Causes: Poor quality awareness of workers, jerry-building; prevention and control measures: strengthen the quality education of workers, quality personnel strictly control the quality acceptance.

The coating on the aluminum column at the vertical lightning protection connection point of the column is not polished. Causes: Poor quality awareness of workers, cutting corners; prevention and control measures: before fixing the copper cable, the coating on the fixed point on the aluminum column should be polished off, and the quality personnel strictly control the quality acceptance.