Ⅰ. About curtain wall

When the curtain wall is completed, regular maintenance can not only make the glass curtain wall as bright as new, but also reduce the steel and glass plating from various weather changes, air pollution or storage of dirt to produce chemical reactions or erosion of silicone, so regular maintenance is very important and should not be ignored.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of the curtain wall

Maintenance methods: mainly for regular cleaning, should be based on the degree of dust pollution on the surface of the curtain wall, to determine the number and cycle of cleaning the curtain wall, when the glass pollution, light transmission rate reduced by 5%, people will feel it, when reduced to 10%, it feels quite dirty, big cities due to serious atmospheric pollution, after a quarter, the light transmission rate reduced by 10%, so the curtain wall supplier suggests that the facade cleaning is best not less than once a month, the rainy season Can be properly extended. If you can't clean regularly every month, you should clean at least three times a year.

Cleaning agent selection: each time the use of water and neutral detergent, to clean towel wipe. Glass cleaning is most important around the edge, because it is easier to hide dirt here. At the same time, due to the hardening of silicone, so all silicone surface should be wiped with water and towel. According to the above method of regular maintenance, silicone performance can be maintained for more than 20 years, according to the silicone factory arrangements, should be completed in the curtain wall in the seventh, eighth year after a comprehensive inspection, as for the internal can be cleaned every three months with this method.

Ⅲ. The advantages of the curtain wall in the building

1. From bulky to lighter panels and structures (natural stone thickness of 25mm, new materials up to 1mm thin).

2. Less variety gradually towards more types of plates and richer colors (currently there are stone, ceramic plates, microcrystalline glass, high-pressure laminate, cement fiber silk board, glass, inorganic glass steel, terra cotta plates, ceramic (soil) insulation composite panels, metal plates and other nearly 60 kinds of plates used in the facade).

3. Higher safety performance.

4. More flexible, convenient and fast construction technology.

5. Higher waterproof performance, extending the life of the curtain wall (from closed curtain wall development to open curtain wall).

6. Environmental protection and energy saving, nowadays the European and American construction market is more commonly used for metal decorative insulation panels, by the color baking paint aluminum and zinc alloy carved finish, polyurethane insulation layer, glass fiber cloth composite; both decorative and insulation energy-saving features, top coating 10 to 15 years without fading, the overall service life of up to 45 years.