1. Folding doors for family use

The current housing prices are relatively expensive. Usually we use certain design and installation to save our space. Folding doors are one of them. Compared with ordinary sliding doors, using folding doors can indeed save to a certain extent. No matter what the product is, the price of the product is what we need to consider, so we also need to understand the product price knowledge of the folding door. Then, what factors are the product price of the folding door related to the folding door? What about the relationship?

2. Factors affecting the price of folding doors

Profile quality: High-quality aluminum alloy profiles contain anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet chemical components, so from the outside, the color should be bluish white, not white or milky white as everyone usually thinks. There is more calcium in the white, so the white is yellowish, and it will become yellower and yellower after a long time.

Folding door size: The size of the folding door is the main factor that determines the price of the folding door; we mentioned the importance of the price of the folding door above, but how do we determine the price of the folding door, which requires knowing another factor, the folding door Size, this is extremely important, if you don't know the size of the folding door, even if you know the unit price of the custom size folding doors in the market, you still can't be sure how much you need. Therefore, in the process of determining the price of the folding door, we must know the size of the folding door.

Thickness of steel lining: In order to strengthen the aluminum alloy profile, there should be a steel lining inside the folding door. The steel lining has two thicknesses of 1.2 and 1.5 (unit: mm). The national standard is 1.2 mm thick, which is enough for ordinary household use.

Profile thickness: For folding doors, the form has three thicknesses of 60, 80, and 88 (unit: mm). The thicker the profile, the higher the price. By the way, we would like to add that generally speaking, 60 thick aluminum alloy profiles are suitable for use below the sixth floor, and at least 80 thick aluminum profiles should be used above the sixth floor.

The product price of the folding door is related to the product profile of the folding door, the size of the folding door, the thickness of the steel used, and the thickness of the folding door profile. When we calculate the price of the folding door, these need to be taken into consideration together. There are also many options for the product color and model of the folding door. We need to choose the appropriate color and style of the folding door according to the specific use environment of the folding door.