Every household is trying their best to decorate. In the process of decoration, they should fully consider their house type, area, room size and room orientation. The installation of the door will inevitably be involved in the decoration. The swing door is the most used door in our decoration. However, you may be a little unfamiliar with the three words "swing door". The side hinged door is a door that is hinged in the room and opened from the inside or the outside. It is the most used door in our daily life. It is loved by the majority of decoration owners because of its simple structure and easy installation. So what are the types of swing doors, and what are their characteristics?

1. Introduction of swing door

Casement door meaning: a casement door refers to a door with hinges installed on the side of the door, inward (left inward opening, right inward opening) or outward (left outward opening, right outward opening). It is composed of door cover, hinge, door leaf, lock and so on. Single door and double door are nouns in another classification system, and there is no contradiction between peace and open door. Vertical hinged doors have single hinged hinged doors and double hinged hinged doors. A single door means that there is only one door panel, one side is used as a door hinge, and the other side can be opened and closed, while a double door has two door panels, each with its own door hinge, and opens in two directions.

Swing doors are divided into one-way opening and two-way opening. One-way opening can only be opened in one direction (only push in or pull out). Two-way opening means that the door leaf can be opened in two directions (such as a spring door). Swing doors are divided relative to other opening methods, because there are also doors that can be opened by moving, turned up, rolled up and down, vertically lifted, rotated, and so on. Aluminum alloy bathroom vertical hinged doors are often referred to as vertical hinged doors for short in the market.

2. The characteristics of swing doors

Types of single-leaf casement doors: can be divided into three types: top-lit, and top windows.

Features of side hinged doors: the opening and closing noise is small, the walls on both sides of the door opening can not be occupied, the service life is long, and the heat preservation and dustproof performance are relatively good, suitable for various high, medium and low-grade decorative doors. However, the opening direction of the flat door needs to occupy a 1/4 cylindrical space with the width of the door panel as the radius. For a small room, the inner door takes up more space. In addition, for thin partitions, the vibration of the partition is relatively large when the swing door is opened and closed.