Wall to floor windows can be seen in many families, especially in some relatively high-end villas. The installation of wall to floor windows looks more fashionable, and it can also improve the effect of interior decoration. So what are wall to floor windows? What are the purchasing skills of wall to floor windows?

Ⅰ. What are wall to floor windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows, as the name suggests, windows refer to the windows that are built on the floor at a certain height, whether it is a bungalow, a tile-roofed house or a building. Windows are called wall to floor windows.

Ⅱ. Introduction of wall to floor windows purchase skills

1. Don't just look at the brand. People in the society love brands. Of course, branded wall to floor windows are generally more reliable, but their prices are also high. In fact, the quality of some mid-range brands is also good, the price of floor to ceiling window wall is more reasonable, and the appearance It is also more beautiful, and you must make a comparison when purchasing. This will not only help you understand different brands of wall to floor windows, but also help you understand the prices of different brands, and it is not easy to be deceived.

2. When selecting, it depends on the material and appearance. Most of the French windows with good quality are precise from the outside; the decorative surface of the French windows should not have obvious damage, that is, the protective film should not be scratched or scratched. Traces; there should be no obvious color difference on the colored surfaces of adjacent components.

3. The window frame bears the weight of the entire glass of the wall to floor window, and its function is similar to that of human bones. The selection of alloy materials with strong bearing capacity is an important node that must be paid attention to.

4. Choose wall to floor windows that suit your own decoration style. Only the right one is the best, so that the home matching will be more perfect.

5. You need to know the specific after-sales service. If you have already decided, you must know the window wall installation, know the scale you want, and inform the other party of the effect you want to achieve. After-sales service is also very important. General specifications A company with comprehensive after-sales service.

The decorative effect of wall to floor windows is relatively good, but wall to floor windows also have certain disadvantages. In summer, the weather is relatively hot, and the sun will shine into the room through the wall to floor windows, causing the room to be too hot. When purchasing wall to floor windows, you can choose the appropriate size of wall to floor windows according to the area and location of your installation.