When decorating a home, everyone has their preferred style. A room with a floor-to-wall window, balcony, or bay window can be eye-catching and visually spacious, creating a fantastic living environment with excellent lighting that can help you maintain a positive mood. Many families design a balcony with a floor-to-wall window but how can you ensure safety?

How can you ensure safety with a floor-to-wall window on the balcony?

  • Add a layer of plastic-steel windows to the floor-to-wall window. If the window sill is wide enough, use tempered glass and add a layer of plastic-steel windows. This way, even if the glass breaks, nobody will get hurt. The frame can be made of materials other than magnesium-aluminum because they don't provide sound insulation or thermal insulation. Adding an extra plastic-steel window can effectively prevent dust and provide good thermal insulation, but it can be expensive. Note that if you want to add an extra window, you must decide before installing a marble window sill, or else the marble will need to be removed.

  • Make a white-steel guardrail for the floor-to-wall window. Make it 70cm high according to the window's width, and the vertical frames' spacing should neither be too wide nor too narrow, and should be at a height where an infant's head can't extend. Use white-steel materials that are corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and can be used to dry clothes regularly, and the white-steel material doesn't make the bedroom look abrupt. Choose a thicker white-steel material. Otherwise, it's easy to bend, and white-steel guardrails generally cost around 150 yuan/square meter.

How much does a balcony floor-to-wall window cost?

If we talk about the aesthetics and decoration aspect, a balcony with a floor-to-wall window looks great and adds a breadth of the view. However, from the installation and later use, if the floor-to-wall window is poorly sealed, it will be cold in the winter and can leak in the rain. It looks fantastic with a wider view, but it will also be more expensive in terms of air-conditioning and electricity bills because the thermal insulation effect of glass is nowhere near that of a wall. According to regulations, windows lower than one meter must have safety protection measures like guardrails. Specific materials and actual areas need to be considered to estimate the approximate cost.

We introduced how to ensure safety with a balcony floor-to-wall window and the cost of making one. If you want to design a balcony with a floor-to-wall window in your home or even for commercial real estate, houses with a floor-to-wall window on the balcony will attract people's attention more. We believe most people love having excellent lighting and an open view living environment, so why not design yourself one?