The emergence of balcony glass balustrade

Balcony balustrade is a decorative and protective facility for the outer edge of a balcony, made of alloy pipes welded or assembled. Although the proportion of balustrades is not high during decoration, they can affect the aesthetics and practicality of the house. Nowadays, there are various kinds of balustrades available in the building materials market, with stainless steel being the most commonly used. However, in recent years, balcony glass balustrades have become popular. They are made of a metal frame and frosted glass or tempered glass, which combines practicality and aesthetics. The glass balcony balustrade uses an integrated assembly process without welding, making it easy to produce and install, and adopts a “three-pronged” (anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-dismantling) production process. So, what are the advantages of balcony glass balustrades?

The advantages of balcony glass balustrade

Balcony glass balustrades have both a view and daylighting

Generally, balcony glass balustrades are installed on balconies, allowing the inhabitants to clearly see the scenery below while resting on the balcony. Moreover, it will not obstruct too much light. With the help of glass balustrades, the originally separated balcony seems to blend in with the outside world, giving people a feeling of more space.

Balcony glass balustrades have weather resistance

As a windproof, rainproof, and thermal insulation barrier, glass can be used to enclose spaces in inclement weather conditions, allowing people to enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Balcony glass balustrades resist weather changes 

Compared to the stainless steel balustrades with gaps, balcony glass balustrades can better block big winds and rains, preventing the balcony from having too much water during rainy days.

Balcony glass balustrades guarantee privacy and safety

Balcony glass balustrades generally use tempered glass as panel, which won't cause harm to people in case of being broken due to the characteristics of tempered glass. High-rise residents usually use laminated glass, and the interlayer film in the laminated glass can bond the glass fragments, preventing them from falling and hurting people. At the same time, laminated glass can also be customized with frosted glass styles to protect users' privacy.

Balcony glass balustrades are easy to maintain

Regardless of the type of glass, its durability is very long-lasting without external forces. Daily cleaning is convenient and easy, and is also corrosion-resistant. In cooperation with 304 stainless steel, it can be used for more than 20 years.