Understanding glass curtain walls

Unit-type glass curtain walls are widely used in various commercial buildings and high-rise buildings due to their excellent transparency and aesthetics. As glass is the main component, the surface of the glass should be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner as it is exposed to long-term exposure to sunlight and rain. Otherwise, more dirt will accumulate over time and affect the transparency and service life.

How to clean glass curtain walls correctly?

It also depends on the degree of damage to the glass. If it is ordinary dirt, such as water stains, normal cleaning and rinsing are sufficient. It should be cleaned, rinsed, and wiped dry regularly, especially during construction. Soft, clean, dust-free cloth materials, neutral soap, washing agents, or slightly acidic cleaning solvents should be used for cleaning. After washing, rinse immediately with clean water, and then wipe off the excess water with a clean rubber broom. Because fingerprints, oil stains, stains, dust, debris, residual sealant, scratches, and any surface scratches are more visible on coated glass than on ordinary glass, we should be extra careful when managing and cleaning coated glass. Therefore, during the entire project, coated glass may require frequent curtain wall cleaning, and interlayer boards should always be used between coated glass panel architecture.

If there is more dirt, it has not been cleaned for a long time, or the stain is difficult to remove, a solvent should be used for cleaning. Use solvents such as xylene, toluene, inorganic alcohol, or ether to remove grease and polishing materials before cleaning and rinsing the unit-type glass curtain wall system. Be careful not to use too strong solvents to avoid damaging the sealing glue of fixed glass.

Maintenance after cleaning of unit-type glass curtain walls

If the glass is installed on the surface of a concrete or masonry structure that is often exposed to wind and rain, it should be inspected regularly every month during construction. If dust, debris, or stains are found on the glass during inspection, the glass should be cleaned in time. After a storm, the glass should be cleaned to remove corrosive water stains and possible adhesion of dirt.

In summary, glass curtain walls bear the external walls of buildings and are equivalent to the facade of buildings. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance should be done well. If the facade of a building is dirty, it not only damages itself, but also affects the aesthetics of the building and the image of the residents. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the curtain walls, preferably by a professional curtain wall repair and cleaning maintenance company, as this work is highly dangerous and difficult.