Exterior glass balustrade has what function to install guardrail is very necessary, because the function of guardrail is not only to protect people's safety, or for the beauty of the road, but it can also be used as a balcony guardrail, to protect the safety of the family, and achieve the effect of beauty, guardrails are also everywhere in our daily life.

What is the function of exterior glass balustrade? 

  • Glass balcony guardrail has good elasticity, which is 4-5 times that of ordinary glass, allowing you to live comfortably and comfortably. Fiberglass guardrails are mainly made of extruded profiles and combined with fiberglass connectors to provide protection and protection. They have characteristics such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance. They are mainly used in the following fields: insulation performance of fiberglass railings: insulation resistance is greater than 1000 GΩ; surface resistance is not less than 10 GΩ.

  • The corrosion resistance of fiberglass railings is suitable for dark and humid, organic solutions, gas-liquid media, acid, and alkali environments, and no corrosion, corrosion, mildew, or rot.

  • The above is the feedback of fiberglass guardrails classified by appearance: double-sided wire, frame, double ring, mesh, hook, steel mesh, guardrail, etc.

The characteristics of exterior glass balustrade

The most common exterior glass balustrade provided by glass balustrade manufacturers is next to landscape gardens. It has obvious advantages such as transparency, beauty, and impact resistance.

Transparent, good permeability

Landscape gardens are generally separated by flowers, grass, Feng Shui ponds, etc. for people to enjoy. Therefore, the greatest demand is transparency, which allows people to see the landscape through the guardrail. The main feature of exterior glass balustrades is transparency, and transparency is very good, so it is loved by the majority of owners.

Beauty, good decorative effect

Compared with traditional materials, exterior glass balustrades have rich colors, which can meet the different personalized needs of decoration users. They can also make people shine, attract the attention of many decoration enthusiasts, and add luster to beautiful scenery, achieving the best viewing effect.

Strong and impact-resistant

The exterior glass balustrade has good flexibility, is not easily damaged by external forces, is sturdy and durable, and has strong impact resistance, which is 10 times that of plastic products, and can maximize the safety of people and property, allowing you to use it with confidence.

Of course, exterior glass balustrades also have the characteristics of long service life, simple installation, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, easy to clean, etc. Here, small editors will not list them one by one, more advantages are waiting for you to discover in specific practice.