Understanding exterior glass balustrade

Exterior glass balustrade have been widely used and can be seen in parks, roads, and some companies. They can prevent rain erosion, have good performance, and are applied in many places. The spacing standard for balcony glass balustrades is generally for residential areas, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and special activities for children. A structure that prevents children from climbing must be used. When used as a vertical rod, the mesh distance should not be greater than 0.11M. The setting of the height of the balcony glass balustrade is one of the important issues we need to consider during the decoration process. The appropriate height can prevent accidents and be responsible for our life, which determines that the balcony balustrade should have strict specifications.

The functions of exterior glass balustrade

  • The functional of the exterior framed glass balustrade is similar to that of anti-corrosive wood balcony balustrades. Because it has a certain decorative effect and good texture, it is mostly used in communities or villas. The use of this material for balustrades can show that the owner has a high taste, but it will crack and fade after long-term use. In humid, high heat, and cold environments, mechanical strength can be maintained at more than 95%, and it will not deform even under long-term loads. Good mechanical strength can withstand greater pressure.

  • The function of the exterior glass balustrade is the aluminum alloy balcony balustrade, which is relatively light and has good safety performance. After spraying, it will not rust, but the price is high, it is easy to scratch, and the maintenance cost is also high.

  • The function of the exterior custom glass balustrade is to use 60-4.7 square tubes as pillars, 50-4 square tubes as crosses, and 50-4 square tubes to pass through the middle of the 60-4.7 square tubes. Fiberglass bolts are used to install the fiberglass grilles as the main protective surface. The corrosion resistance performance of fiberglass balustrades is suitable for dark and humid, organic solvent, gas-liquid medium, acid-base environment, and it is not corroded, mildewed, rotten, or corroded.

If there is a balcony at home, balcony balustrades are generally installed on the balcony to ensure safety. However, the materials for balcony balustrades are also different. Do you know how many there are? The balcony glass balustrade is a material that combines with the balcony balustrade. Because the main material is glass, it is commonly known as the glass balustrade.