The types of fences are diverse, and different materials have different characteristics. Commonly seen in our daily life are iron fences, wooden fences, stainless steel fences, aluminum alloy fences, PVC fences, and glass fiber reinforced plastic fences made of composite materials.

Introduction to stainless steel glass railings

The handrails of stainless steel glass railings are combined with stainless steel frames and tempered glass. Usually, 304 stainless steel materials are used. If it is in coastal areas, 316 stainless steel material needs to be selected. The stainless steel glass railing handrail is beautiful, transparent, self-cleaning, anti-oxidation, requires no maintenance, can be made of frosted glass, has a fast production cycle, is strong and durable, has strong impact resistance, and has a service life of more than 30 years when matched with 304 stainless steel. Moreover, when the glass of the framed glass balustrade is broken, the adhesive film in the laminated glass has the function of bonding the glass fragments, and the broken glass will not fall off and injure people, which can maximize personal safety.

The main features of stainless steel glass railings

The popularization of stainless steel glass railings in the market is relatively wide, and their scope of use is also wide, such as subway stations, large shopping malls, underground passages, large office buildings, some top floors of office buildings, national or government-built art galleries, etc. The popularity of stainless steel glass railings should be earliest during the time of subway stations. Stainless steel glass railings offered by the reliable balustrade factory look simple and generous, atmospheric and not cumbersome, and the most important point is that they have a transparent shape, which does not require too many requirements for the place of use, mainly with the following characteristics:

High strength

Compared with traditional metal products and plastic products, stainless steel glass railings are stronger, more elastic, and have higher impact resistance, and are more fatigue-resistant than wood.

Corrosion resistance 

Stainless steel glass railings can resist the corrosion of chloride ions and low pH value solutions, especially the corrosion of carbides and chlorides.

Light weight

More convenient for transportation and installation.

Beautiful and bright colors, smooth and bright surface, with decorative function

The frames of stainless steel glass railings undergo different polishing processes to form modern industrial decorative effects such as mirror finish, matte finish, and wire drawing surface. Moreover, stainless steel has good physical properties in cold working, hot working, and welding. Generally, 201 and 304 are used. Stainless steel glass railings are concise and clear, and can also be used in indoor homes. They are relatively easy to clean and comfortable to look at. Many clothing stores, bookstores, milk powder stores, etc. will also choose this type of railing.