About curtain wall, some people say they don't know it, but in our real life, curtain walls are everywhere. However, many people recognize it but don't know its real name. So what is a curtain wall? In fact, curtain wall is the clothing of our surrounding high-rise buildings, which can be called glass walls.

Understanding the building decoration curtain wall

What is the building decoration curtain wall? It is the enclosure structure on the outer periphery of the main structure of the building, with multiple functions such as wind resistance, rain resistance, heat insulation, insulation, fire resistance, earthquake resistance, and lightning protection.  Advancements in technology have brought about rapid progress in the construction techniques and external wall decoration materials used in stick type curtain wall and unitized curtain wall. Not only have a variety of external wall coatings, decorative faces, and construction techniques emerged, but also new forms of external wall decoration such as glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls, metal curtain walls, and ceramic panel curtain walls have emerged. It is becoming more and more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and intelligent, making buildings show a bright and modern atmosphere.

Application of building decoration curtain wall technology

The application of curtain wall technology provides more choices for building decoration, with novel durability, beautiful fashion, strong decorative sense. Compared with traditional exterior decoration technology, it has the characteristics of fast construction speed, high degree of industrialization and assembly, and easy maintenance. It is a building decoration component that integrates building technology, building function, building art, and building structure. Due to the high requirements of curtain wall materials and technology, the related structures have special characteristics, and it is also a part of the building structure. Therefore, the engineering cost is higher than the general method of external walls. The design and construction of curtain walls should not only follow the laws of aesthetics but also the requirements of building mechanics, physics, optics, structure, etc., to ensure safety, applicability, economy, and aesthetics.

Building decoration curtain walls are composed of metal frames and panels, which do not bear the load and action of the main structure, and are relatively small displacement building exterior enclosing structures. Both the unitized curtain wall section and the stick curtain wall should meet the requirements of self-strength, waterproof, wind and sand prevention, fire protection, insulation, sound insulation, and so on. So what materials are curtain walls made of? The materials used in curtain wall engineering can be divided into four categories: skeleton materials, sheet materials, sealing and filling materials, and structural bonding materials.

Decorative curtain walls can be divided into glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls, metal curtain walls, concrete curtain walls, and combination curtain walls according to different curtain wall surface materials. Among them, glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls, and metal curtain walls are the most common.